Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have Cavi Lipo: Both healthy adult men and women can have this done. If you are Pregnant/Nursing, have heart, liver or Kidney disease, have any kind of heart pacer, stimulator, or metal plate implanted in your body in the treatment area you must consult you MD prior to Cavi Lipo. Untreated hormone imbalances, vitamin deficancy, and other health conditions that would impair the body from effectivley processing fat can alter the results of your Cavi Lipo session. Cavi is safe and doesn't harm surrounding tissues.

How long does it last: As long as you make it last! Cavi Lipo cannot stop your body’s natural ongoing process of aging or cannot make you live a healthy life style. There are many things that can be done to prevent weight gain and keep youthful looking skin. With healthy eating habits and exercise you can have long term results.

Is this the same as other so called “Fat Liquefying Treatments”: (Some examples: Venus Freeze, Velashape, Body Wraps or Vacuum Massage). - NO. These treatments do not use the advanced technology of ultrasound to destroy the targeted fat cells.

How is liquefied fat excreted after Cavi Lipo: After the ultrasound burst the fat cells the liquid fat will be filtered by the natural process of the lymphatic system and be processed through your liver. A normal healthy body can safely and naturally process 2-3 lbs of fat every week.

Why must I exercise:   Exercise is necessary for your body to remove this liquid fat, exercise is a powerful boost to your lymphatic system, metabolism and helps clear your liver. Having a congested lymphatic system will slow your bodys natural process of metabolism and detoxification.

John Kelly 17 January at 5:28 pm

Can cryp-lipo be used to reduce man boobs?

    admin 17 January at 5:28 pm

    Hi sir , the answer to your question is yes, i have treated many client with Man boobs. You will need a course of treatments for the full effects.

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