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Training by H Kumar the master of Cavi-lipo  Dex machines , Cavitation combined with Vacuum roller and  /EMS treatments. 

Cavi-lipo DEX machine 

A Patented Focusing Ultrasound Cavitation Effect (noiseless)

The world first W.C.C.S (water cooling controlled system) - A breakthrough Endomology Treatment- with  Unique Mid-low Frequency Electric massage and colour light Theraphy.

No discomfort after the treatment,  Visable results/ with no side effects-  and No down Time .  The best selling cavitation machine of the range.


Now introducing Body Zero EMS for musle tonning, in combination with the Cavi-lipo machines, for full body sculpting and musle tonning / lymphatic movement.  Can be usedas a stand alone treatmnet or with combined treatments for more effective results.

If your looking for a complete solution for Body Fat loss and sculpting with painless results and with " No down time"  then we have the complete solution for your needs,  We have 3  different Ultra sound cavitation  No Noise machines to suit small home owners or even mobile theraphy treatments, to Full size salon machines.

Introducing soon ... the worlds First Hydrogen face lift / anti aging machine that can produced  Hydrogen with normal  water ( H20 ) Ask me for more details.

Call Mr H Kumar  on  07903 665421

yvette ferguson 28 June at 12:31 pm

Would like to know more on the cost of cavi-lipo gt and cavi-lipo and can I order a machine from cavi-lipo London

    admin 28 June at 12:31 pm

    hi pls call me on +44 7903 665421 or email me on and i can update you with the machine prices.

admin 28 June at 12:31 pm

hi test msg

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